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Process Service

Officially notifying individuals of their involvement in a legal proceeding by serving them with relevant court documents.

We serve all Family Court orders, child custody petitions, child support summons, orders of protection, spousal support petitions etc. All NY Civil Court complaints, writs, citations judgments etc. Housing Court Petitions, Notice of petitions 30-day notice etc. New York Supreme Court subpoenas, Divorce Summons, Order to Show Cause, 722c Court Orders, etc.


Expertly locating individuals for the purpose of serving process. Our process servers use locating skills to serve evasive defendants.

It is important that process servers are able to provide skip tracing services so that they are able to serve any paper. Skip tracing allows our process servers to find current addresses and best locations to serve to help guarantee accurate service.

Court Filing

Submitting legal paperwork for your case into the court system for review by the county clerk. Our court filers are efficient and familiar with a variety of New York paperwork.

By hiring professional court filers, your paperwork will be processed and accepted quicker, with less chance of rejection or errors.

We have access to certified electronic filing service providers (EFSPs) to connect directly to the courthouse in an efficient manner.


Discrete collection of photographic or video evidence to prove a claim in court. Using a variety of techniques, we gather evidence in a legal and professional manner.

Surveillance is useful for many reasons: business, personal, legal, etc. Our experts understand the sensitivity often accompanying surveillance and maintains confidentiality.

Whether to supplement a larger investigation or as a standalone service, Shielded Legal can provide superior surveillance for you.

About Us

Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried. They measure you on what you deliver.”- Steve Jobs

Finding Answers

Since opening our business in 2004, we’ve been dedicated to helping our clients find the answers they need through our process service and private investigation services. Our dedicated process service, court service and skip trace service teams are ready to serve you. When you want it done right the first time, allow Shielded Legal to handle all your legal needs. Take the first step and schedule an initial consultation. Our team of Investigators, process servers and security professionals have expertise across various fields of law. We are here to ensure our clients get the expertise they can’t find anywhere else.

A Top 10 Service

We understand the stress that attorneys experience and the commitment that legal work requires. We also understand that lawsuits are complicated and that attorneys need a support team with the knowledge and flexibility to handle those unexpected details which so often arise during litigation. So whether it’s getting documents to another jurisdiction to be filed by the end of the day before the statute of limitations runs, serving a summons or subpoena in another state locating an evasive witness or party we are here to help.

Tailored Services

Shielded Legal and Investigative Services puts our clients first. We find answers to your questions with the motivation of providing superior customer service and results. Our team of expert New York process servers, court filers, and investigators go above and beyond to provide impactful results. We work with a variety of clients from law firms, paralegals, business owners, and private individuals. Due to the wide range of clients and case types, we tailor each of our services to provide the best results.

Excellent Communication

Our mission is to offer superior services in an efficient, but, thorough manner. We provide superior communication and status updates so that our customers always feel comfortable knowing their case is progressing.

Stop worrying and hire Shielded Legal and Investigative Services.

Weekly Dispatches

Understanding the plight of our clients, whether they need process service, court service, skip trace service, or Investigations is why we employ the most professional, experienced process servers, investigators and skip tracers in order to ensure each case is completed accurately and efficiently.

Our Experience

Our Practice

We have been providing legal support for over 20 years combined. We offer a variety of legal services. As a duly registered process server licensed by The City of New York to effect service of process in NYC, we are committed to providing professional process service in New York state and elsewhere.

A Higher Standard

To ensure that our services are upheld in a court of law, all our staff is well-versed in New York rules and regulations regarding the scope of our work. We understand that your case relies on the work of investigators and legal support professionals, so we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Make sure that your case is in the trusted hands of New York professionals who know the ins and outs of our communities, neighborhoods, judicial system, and court staff.

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